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Heading to the other side of the world for this post...

Here is a short video courtesy of the Australian Marine Conservation Society and comedian Frank Woodley. It's wonderfully shot and thoroughly thought-provoking:

In addition to the video, the Society lists some steps that can be taken to tackle the problem of plastic pollution, from simply being mindful about what and how we consume to appealing to Australian state and territory governments to implement a "Cash for Container" scheme. The scheme is already active in South Australia and is proving successful: the state recycles double the amount of drink containers compared to the national average (Australian Marine Conservation Society 2014).

Despite there being a number of similar schemes in the UK dedicated to materials such as aluminium (see Think Cans), there are no such programmes for plastics. The charity Campaign to Protect Rural England published a report in 2010 investigating "the environmental and financial implications of the introduction of a UK-wide deposit refund scheme", which would have comprised glass and plastic bottles and cans (Hogg et al. 2010). However, it seems nothing has been put into place yet as my research into the outcome of the report quickly met a dead-end. It's a shame, as I think we're a fairly recycling-friendly nation, so there's little reason why such a scheme could not work.

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